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Market management

The utilisation of market insight in foresight-based strategic work offers the company new viewpoints on opportunities, whether they exist internally in the company or in the changing markets.


Our Insight service utilises the gathering and analysing of market intelligence in order to strengthen the foundation of the strategic work and to offer constant and current information to support leadership. In addition to more extensive mapping projects, we constantly provide market reports in order to support decision-making in the leadership, sales and product development environments.


Our foresight operations perceive the key consumption and market trends that influence the company's future in the long term. By identifying, shaping and fortifying emerging trends, a company can influence the direction of the market in a way that benefits the company itself. In addition to strategic scenario projects, we utilise foresight activities in various laboratory projects where the organisation and its potential interest groups shape their own activities to meet the demands associated with future consumption trends.


The advantages of market intelligence and foresight are measured by the quality of the foundation they form for the company's strategy. The strategic support offered by Punda to its customers is target-oriented and practical, and it secures a balance between long-term strategic objectives and the changing markets.

Foresightful and market-based brand management influences the information utilised by the company, as well as its networks, courses of action and the market environment.

Scenarios benefit strategy work

Punda’s scenario building is based on future of markets generated by identification of markets’ potential. In the mapping phase of the three-step process, different scenarios of achieving sustainable future for organization's operating culture are examined. After this, in close cooperation with company's management we build proactive strategy. In the synthesis phase we utilize a variety of scenarios and implemented innovations based on them. As a result, the company has an accurate operation plan for the next few years.

Are you interested in future consumer values?

In global economy, many possibilities are offered that may seem small but which are big for an individual company. Using these possibilities requires insight and correctly dimensioned measures.

These measures follow broader megatrends that change widely the culture of behaviour of consumption and buying all over the world. Punda specializes in consumer values, market monitoring and analyses. Below, we have collected a group of current megatrends. More market trends and insights you will find in our portal.

From an individual’s point of view, automation is one of the most important factors that render the global equality possible. Although robotics and automation are considered to eliminate a half of the present work operations during the next decades, at the same time it creates new job descriptions and renders possible quick growth of the living standard also in developing economies. The Nordic system know-how plays an important role in controlling these changes.

The urbanisation has achieved a point where more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. This has a strong effect on our food chain, infrastructure, building culture, logistics as well as social functioning models. In the Western countries the development has strengthened the existence of the urban ecoculture. It is important to realize how all this will change our requirements to the consumer products or demand, and what kind of the consumer types our markets will service in the future.

The Internet ecosystem is an essential part of this production economy we are living in. An industrial Internet, networked production models, digital identity of an individual, web trade revolution… All these are concepts that are related to a wider breakthrough concerning the collection of data and its effective usage. Data is not any more uniform and just existing, but its collection and usage is an important part of the company’s business strategy.

The global business environment and new economies change the expectations set for products, the structure of the distribution channels and the segmentation. Even in a small segment, the globally operating business may grow big. On the other hand, in the distribution of products it is necessary to adapt to different business models of different areas and cultures. Also the role of one’s own activities has to be defined anew. Networked production models can offer the company a good localization strategy.

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