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Outsourcing marketing communications.

Marketing communication is an essential part of the core of functioning business activities. But the know-how requirements related to it are in constant change.

The anticipatory and efficient development of the know-how requires support from the professional management of operations in order to implement the image of the company and its management concerning the content is carried out in accordance with the objectives in channels that change, depending on needs.

Have you been thinking about outsourcing of marketing?

With the help of Punda our clients can outsource either some parts of the marketing communication or its operations as a whole. Thus, the company pays only for the know-how that is important from the viewpoint of the operating plan, and for productive hours.

The responsibility of the person in charge assigned for the company is to provide the company with the best resources and to ensure following the time schedules and budgets in accordance with prognosis. We provide our clients, through arranging competitions, with the best production partners and media contracts without charging any commission. In addition, our client takes advantage of Punda’s broad and effective co-operation network.

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Contact our managing director Riikka Hackselius-Fonsén and prepare together a suitable for you option.