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Punda Nordic. Your partner to grow in the Nordic markets.

Entering new markets and managing them often requires the development of new business models and advanced guidance. Legislations and practices differ from country to country demanding new solutions for each of them. Hence to that, the competent partner with local insights is essential when expanding to new territories.

Punda Nordic. helps businesses to succeed in the Nordic markets. Broad experience and extensive expertise networks ensure building a competitive sales concept. It includes choosing the right sales approach and supporting marketing tools. That is why, in addition to the creation of operational structures, Punda Nordic. undertakes the management of sales activities. Our task is to ensure the long-term success of our customers in the Nordics. We base our work on well-prepared market entry, well-managed sales, and development of brand value.

That is how we do it:
1 Create a marketing strategy (market positioning, sales method, media channel, partner network, marketing)
2 Create a Sales organization/development (contract models, recruitment, supervision)
3 Sales management (budgeting, organizing, monitoring, reporting, sales supervision)

Punda Nordic. offers a flexible and experienced way to open operations in the Nordic countries without building an own organization. Decades of experience in international sales and global partnerships management give us the exceptional know-how to develop company’s export capabilities, as well as to serve our customers' to achieve set objectives in new markets.

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